Quality Engineering Inc.

Building Quality molds since 1987

Quality Engineering has been providing the industry with the finest in custom injection molds since 1987. Quality is our number one goal, and satisfying our customers is what we strive for. Located in Fort Wayne Indiana, Quality Engineering has been providing its customers with the superior products and services they deserve for over 25 years now. We offer the finest in injection molds, mold repair, and custom machining services.

Quality mold design

Due to our extensive experience in plastics and molding, our mold designs at Quality Engineering are ensured to produce the desired quality at a competitive price. We utilize the latest CAD/CAM technology to design and produce your tooling. Our complete line of quality molds includes injection, compression, and transfer shuttle molds. We also welcome prototyping and full production of molds. Our molds come equipped with a guarantee you will be satisfied. For more information on our molds, or for a free quote please contact us.

Quality Services

Our quality services include, but are not limited to: injection molds, CNC machining, and samples to full production. Our capabilities include both Wire and Sinker EDM machines, and VMC with full 3-D modeling. We only produce the finest machined parts, and use the latest in machining technology to make certain everything we produce is of the highest quality.

The key to our success is our high quality product. When our molds leave the building, you can be sure you're getting the best. When you choose Quality Engineering you receive the best product, and service for several different reasons. Most importantly, we employ the finest mold makers in the region, and our finished product is proof of this. Our complete modern tool shop includes computerized machinery utilizing 3D capabilities and adds to the precision of our molds. Our engineering and designing department works with our customers to make sure they get exactly what they need. On top of all of this our molds come guaranteed to your satisfaction. Quality Engineering also manufactures its own line of plastic products. The products rang from use in the electrical industry to everyday home use. The newest of our fine products it The All American Pull Buddy. The pull Buddy makes an electrician's job easier, quicker, and most importantly safer.